Wine production, olive oil and jams

There is an intention to develop the trademark »Quinta da Salada» and to sell products such as DOC Douro wine, olive oil and jams.

Jams of the Quinta da Salada

Our kitchen is open to visitors who want to take part in the making of fruit jams, which may be tasted and be taken as souvenir. This activity requires a minimum number of people to take place. It consists of three moments:


  1. Harvest and selection of fruit in the orchard/vineyard.
  2. Making of jams in the kitchen of the Quinta da Salada with supervision and according to recipes from Douro.
  3. Packaging in a proper jar, labelled with the name of the Quinta da Salada and the name of the person who made the jam.


This activity takes about 120 minutes. The clients are offered two jars of 250g of the self-made jam.


The visitor can also opt to purchase the jam that is for sale. These jams are made exclusively with fruit from the Quinta da Salada, harvested at full maturity stage and dealt with in accordance with the traditions of the Douro region.

The production of jams is fully handmade, no chemical or preserving products are employed. The production strictly follows the technical and hygiene criteria in order to guarantee the necessary quality to preserve the consumers’’ health.

Available varieties of jams:

Touriga Nacional grape jam (250g)

Harvest season: September

Tinto Cão grape jam (250g)

Harvest season: September

Fig jam (250g)

Harvest season: August

Apricot jam (250g)

Harvest season: May

Black plum jam (250g)

Harvest season: May